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Balaka Gosh

Balaka Ghosh is a filmmaker based in Kolkata, India and has been making films for the past 20 years. She received several National Awards and International acclaim for her films. Films about people and social issues are her forte. Her film The Vehicle with the soul of a Man was screened at 27 international film festivals including Cannes, Cinema du Reel, Tampere, Uppsala, Munich, Berlin, San Francisco, Bilbao among others. She had done several projects funded by the Jan Vrijman Fund, IDFA. An empanelled director/producer for a joint social communication Institute of the Indian and Italian Government. Her previous project Mother, Media and Landmines is co-produced by NHK. Her project Red Fairy n the Holy Ghost is funded by Jan Vrijman Fund. Her latest documentary is also being co-produced by NHK Japan.

Check out her work here

Daniel Sampa


Marya Ignacio is Philipinnes most prolific film editor.

Check out her work here and  here

Marya Ignacio

Daniel Rudi Haryanto was born in Semarang in 1978. He graduated from Film and Television at Jakarta Institute of Arts. His video documentary Prison and Paradise was the winner of Director Guild of Japan Award at Yamagata Documentary Film Festival in 2011. 


In 2014, he released his second feature -length documentary film Fluid Boundaries at the Busan International Film Festival. The film is a collaboration with two directors from other countries, Mun Jeong-Hyeon from South Korea and Vladimir Todorović from Serbia. The film was later screened at the Cinéma du Réel - International Documentary Film Festival in Paris, France (2015) and the 2015 Southeast Asia Film Festival Singapore. He is currently the program and content developer at the Eagle Institute Indonesia. 

Check out his work here

Danniel Haryanto
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